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Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. The city boasts a rich cultural heritage and is sorrounded by the dramatic Norwegian nature, all combines into making Trondheim one of the most exciting city centres of Northern Europe.

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What's up in Trondheim

Yes, they have Fjords here too. Take a tour on Hurtigruten from Trondheim to any of 35 ports.


Avaliable from ten racks in central
Trondheim, its an excellent way
to get around town.

Nidarosdomen Cathedral
Norway's national sanctuary 
and one of te most visited
sights in Trondheim.

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If hiking and fishing is not your
thing, or if you just want to relax,
a stroll in Bakkelandet might be a
good idea. These old wooden
houses are restored and bubbling
with life, cafés, small boutiques
and restaurants.
Lars, Pilot


Nearby Røros is one of Europe's
oldest town of wooden buildings
and placed in Unesco's World
Heritage list. Its a daytrip from
Trondheim and well worth a visit.
Take your time because there are
a lot of things to see and do here. 

Bicycle Lift

A bicycle lift, how weird is that?
If you are in Trondheim you got to
try it. You need a lift card and, of course, a bike. Get the card from
the tourist office or at the starting point of the lift.


Link (Info page in Norwegian)

A visit in Tyholttårnet is a must. There's a rotating restaurant on the top floor that gives you a great view of the city while eating a nice dinner.

Estenstadmarka & Estenstadhytta

Trondheim is a city with great proximity to the outdoors. Take bus 5 or 9 towards "Dragvoll", get of at "Loholt" and you're at the entrance to the wild forest. If you're not that much of a hiker, take the 45 min walk to Estenstadhytta (cabin) with great views of Trondheim and traditional food. (Map and compass is a must for foreigners)

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Population: 165,191
Language: Norwegian
Currency: Krone (NOK)
Time zone: CET

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